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Historic Neighborhood

The historic Sears building is the home of Midtown Global Market at the intersection of Lake Street and Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis. Since 1928, the historic Sears Roebuck building has been a solid symbol of the thriving commerce that defines Lake Street. Reborn as Midtown Global Market, this architectural treasure remains the centerpiece of its surrounding neighborhoods and the largest building in Minneapolis.

Already recognized as a business and community crossroads, the historic integrity of the entire 3-block site is greatly enhanced by an innovative 21st-century mix of residential, retail, office and commercial spaces. The market connects neighboring communities, creating a promenade for direct pedestrian and transit access from Chicago Avenue to the grand main entrance on Elliot Avenue. Demolition of the 1964 addition will open the Midtown Greenway, a core community amenity providing green space, bike and walkways stretching the length of the City, from the Lakes to the Mississippi River.

All existing and newly created streets and walkways within the project are designed to encourage and enhance walkability and community access. The 10-acre site has been dramatically transformed into a vibrant gathering place celebrating the rich urban history of both the neighborhood and the landmark 1928 building.

The Neighborhood

Phillips and Powderhorn, two of Minneapolis' oldest and traditionally most diverse neighborhoods, are re-emerging as communities of choice for buyers looking for architectural quality and value, convenience, access to downtown, employment and recreation.

Historically among Minneapolis' most desirable neighborhoods, these communities are rebounding. Significant reinvestment from private and public partnerships have successfully restored and preserved architecturally rich housing stock and created exciting new opportunities like The Chicago. The neighborhood enjoys rapidly increasing property values as more businesses and families discover the convenience and energy of this diverse community.