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What's Inside Midtown Global Market

Kitchen in the Market
Kitchen in the Market™ is located in the Midtown Global Market and features a shared commercial kitchen for catereres, producers and manufacturers, mobile food trucks and other who need licensed space to create their own culinary delights!
Salty Tart
Pastry Chef Michelle Gayer makes her mark in Minneapolis at the Salty Tart Bakery - and has an impressive resume! She's worked at Franklin Street Bakery, La Belle Vie, Solera, the acclaimed La Brea Bakery, as well as a loved chef instructor at Le Cordon Bleu. Now Chef Gayer has brought her experience, skill and flavor to us!
Sonora Grill
Located in the Midtown Global Market, the Sonora Grill serves Latin American, Spanish/Basque and vegetarian foods of all kinds!

Manny's Tortas
What started as a small counter-top operation inside the Mercado Central on Lake Street has blossomed into two locations in Minneapolis. Stop by for Manny's Famous Torta!

Free Wheel Bike
For over 35 years, Freewheel Bike has been rated as one of the top bike shops in Minnesota. This group of progressive bike nuts focus on bringing our level of cycling madness to those new to the world of bikes. Not located right in the market but nearby - on the Midtown Greenway.

El Burrito Mercado
In 1979, it all started in a 800 square foot store with one cash register. El Burrito Mercado only offered dry Mexican groceries and tortillas. Now the mercado, or market, consists of a variety of Mexican cooking needs, an amplified selection of groceries, catering options and a full-service restaurant.

The Left Handed Cook
Add one part American comfort food, one part Asian flavors, a dash of Rock and Roll, a pinch of country and let it simmer in the melting pot that is Los Angeles and you get The Left Handed Cook. We offer a number of shared plates as an opportunity to experience an array of flavors and to dine in a communal setting, which is important to so many cultures.