Kitchen Tools

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We sell produce...
and the tools you need to go with it.

Most fruits and vegetables can be prepared with the aid of a good sharp knife but we offer a wide variety of special gadgets to make the tasks easier and more efficient. We carry the best brands like Trudeau, OXO and Zyliss.

  1. Peeling and Coring: paring knife, apple corer, apple segmented, apple peeler, pineapple slicer, swivel-blade vegetable peeler, fixed-blade vegetable peeler
  2. Grating and zesting: box grater, citrus zester, channel knife
  3. Juicing: lemon squeezer, reamer, lemon tap, citrus press, electric juice extractor
  4. Pitting and Preparing: cherry pitter, grapefruit knife, grapefruit segmenter, melon baller 
  5. Preserving: funnel, jelly bag, preserving pan, sugar thermometer
Egg Poacher Mini Citrus Juicer Grapefruit Spoon
Carrot & Dip To-Go Lemon & Lime Saver Grapefruit Saver 
Tomato Saver Onion Saver Garlic Saver
Pepper Saver Citrus Knife  ChicoBag
Mini Meaure Micro Egg